The braking excellence
Beringer technology Automotive

Beringer technology Automotive

Aerotec® 4 and 6 pistons calipers

Automotive calipers are developed thanks to the experience that BERINGER®  acquired in competition. The major advantage of these calipers is their very short reaction time (reduction of hysteresis) , without causing slantwise wear of brake pads.

Brakes pressure limiter

Brakes pressure limiter AEROTEC® very fast: keep the operating pressure of + -0.5 bar to a rise to 1000bars / s. BERINGER® offers a range of pressure limiter machined from billet aluminum on CNC and fully anodized (protection against corrosion )

- Single circuit , proportional curve : recommended for cars with low weight transfer on the front (center of gravity low and centered) as cars .
 - Double circuit, plane curve : for cars with a mean center of gravity as Rally cars
 - Single circuit , proportional curve reversed: for cars with a front engine or a high center of gravity with a significant transfer of weight on the front (up to relieve the rear wheels ) : Tourism Cars , 4x4 and quads.
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Simple master cylinder and DUPLEX

BERINGER® has developed a range of braking master cylinders machined from billet aluminum on CNC and fully anodized (protection against corrosion). 
These very light master cylinders (from 73 g) offer an exceptional feeling to the pedal. 
The two rod ends allow a very simple mounting and ensure an effort on the piston always perfectly in the axle of the cylinder.
The master cylinder DUPLEX replaces: 
2 simple master cylinders Ø16.8,
The double pedal,
The brake control valve with thumbwheel.
The distribution can be made with a brake control valve on the rear circuit. 
Reliable and simple system: does not need maintenance, offers a constant working, easy to install on the frame, economical: you keep the original pedals.