The braking excellence

4D System

Objectives of the 4D system

The power gain compared to a Ø320mm cast iron disc is 20%, which allows to the riders to shorten their braking distances significantly. Some comparative tests have shown the obviousness of this gain as well as a lower temperature of the discs.

Maneuverability improvement of the motorbike: the gyroscopic inertia of the quadruple disc is 3 times lower than the inertia of Ø320mm discs and 30% lower than the inertia of carbon discs, which is the main advantage of this system. For example, the transit time through a chicane or the time necesary to lean on angle is highly reduced.

Weight saving is significant compared to standard systems :       
CAST IRON DISCS Ø320mm weight : 1950 g    //   QUADRUPLE DISC Ø230mm weight: 1460 g
The 980 grams saved in non suspended weight improve the grip of the front wheel and the acceleration of the bike.

Lifetime much higher
In fact, tests have shown a small wear of the system, which allows to consider a lifetime well above the average.