The braking excellence

Classic / Post Classic Range


Beringer continues to innovate and propose a new line for Classic bikes. With a design specialy adapte to the Classic bike, this line was developed in competition and will let happy lot of pilotes.
By using the BERINGER Aerotec® technologie, the master cylinder as the caliper bring you power, feeling and precision in the same time as a lower weight.

Based on the dimensions of racing calipers for British (89mm symmetrical bolt spacing) and Italian (108mm bolt spacing) bikes, Beringer’s Classic Billet Calipers feature two 38mm stainless pistons and are available with #506HS street pads or 506RS racing pads.

All parts of Classic Line are available in the 12 Beringer colors (standard : Black and Gold).
Caliper weight (arrount) : 960g with pads

We have got practically all the models for Classic Motorbikes (To refer to the online catalog).

For not listed models feel free to contact us

The Beringer Classic Axial Master Cylinders

The Beringer Classic Axial Master Cylinders (for brake and clutch) feature billet aluminum construction with a ball bearing piston actuator and a lever curvature that fits most hands. Available with Integrated Reservoir (p/n BAO), or attached Round Plastic Reservoir with Billet Cap (p/n BAR) or Remote Reservoir (p/n BA not pictured).
Weight (arround) : 330g with lever


- CAR10/CAO10 (Ø piston 14.5mm) for single cylinder motorcycles
- CAR12/CAO12 (Ø piston 14.5mm) for single cylinder motorcycles
- CAR14/CAO14 (Ø piston 20.6mm) for multi-cylinder large displacement bikes and also for ATV

- BAR10/BAO10 (Ø piston 14.5mm) for single 2-piston caliper, floating-style or opposed pistons)
- BAR12/BAO12 (Ø piston 17.5mm) for single 4-or-6-pistons caliper
- BAR14/BAO14 (Ø piston 20.6mm) for 2 caliper, 4-or-6-pistons.

After the development for the Italian and British even all Kawazaki (Model H and Z), we are now ready for Honda (750 Four K1, K2), Yamaha (TZ350, TZ750)

Before to start with other brand, we will finish YAMAHA range with the XS, and complet HONDA range with "Bol d'Or", Goldwing, CX...

Classic Rotors

Classic Rotors, semi-floating with solid stainless or drilled cast iron braking ring are the perfect complement to Beringer’s Classic Line of brakes.
Disc Weight : 200g only hub // 1,920Kg with rotor

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Mirror holder
Mirror mount clamps for master cylinder :
- brake (p/n MDC6)
- clutch (p/n MDC7)

Pressure electric switch
Brake light switch, hydraulic-style with single or dual banjo bolt

Double Banjo Kit
Dual Banjo Bolt to connect two lines from the master cylinder to twin calipers.

Reparation kit for Master Cylinder
Spare part kit with every master cylinder componant (except billet CNC aluminium) Ref example : KITREPBAO12