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A new master cylinder for even more feeling

15/06/2020 16:15
A new master cylinder for even more feeling
Beringer Master Cylinders are known to provide users with an incomparable feeling. A new, even more precise version is now available with optimized technology that allows 18% more volume to be moved. It’s particularly recommended to accompany the new 4+ caliper or a caliper with large pistons (original caliper in superstock). 

Modifications for more feeling
Some technical modifications have been made to this master cylinder. The banjo bolt is moved under the master cylinder to reduce the risk of damaging the threads in case of a fall. In addition, the spring is reinforced to withstand air pressure so that there is no residual braking due to high speeds.  

A product from competition
Beringer offers only one product range, the most efficient for competition or for the general public. Cut from an aeronautical aluminium mass, each part is unique. The wide choice of anodising colours allows the product to be personalised according to your desires.

Main features:
  • Sold with openwork lever #4 ou #5
  • Piston diameter Ø20,5mm
  • Fits on all sportsbike with 2 calipers 
  • Available in 12 colors