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Solutions for all motorcycles and riders!

16/07/2019 10:00
Solutions for all motorcycles and riders!
For several years, many pilots with physical disabilities have been coming to Beringer to ask us for an appropriate braking system.  
So that their disability doesn’t become an obstacle to the practice of their passion. We offer a thumb braking system, articulated on ball bearings which makes its operation smooth and ultra-dosable. 

This complete and independent assembly is fixed between the clutch control and the left handle.
The pilot then has two choices: use only the thumb brake for rear braking or keep the foot brake on as well. 

More generally, our entire Aerotec® product range adapts to the specific needs of pilots by offering a better feeling, a reduction in effort and at the same time an increase in accuracy.

Several pilots trust us, including Aurélien Doolaeghe and Stéphane Paulus, paraplegic disabled sports pilots. Members of the Handi Free Riders association. You can find them at the 2019 French Handisport championship. Next date: July 27 and 28 in Ledenon. 

Aurélien Doolaeghe, member of the Handi free Riders association and disabled pilot  
"With the Beringer brake system, there is more feeling, the products are stronger and the finish is at its best. The support surface is larger and the possibility of fixing with clutch allows more space on the handlebar half. What is also good is the important choice of master cylinder and color.  

Stéphane Paulus, founder of the Handi free Riders association and disabled pilot 
 "For 8 years I had been driving for another brand of braking. When I built my Beringer system I was going straight to qualifying for the French GP event. I was a little apprehensive about the first braking to know how it would react. Finally at the end of the first lap and after warming up my brakes, I discovered a great feeling, no need to force the brake to stop the bike. I had a great feeling when I took the brake on the angle that really made me feel confident. During the ride I had a lot of fun delaying my trigger points and saving seconds. Benoît Thibal, Christopher Guezet, Willy Mourgues drive with the thumb brake system in the association. We are all delighted with the progress it has brought us in feeling. »