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  • High performance braking

    BERINGER is a French human scale company wich, for more than 30 years, develops and produces motorbikes brakes in a spirit of quality and performance.

    Our products are machined in our premises in the best aluminum, anodized and assembled by us.

    Thanks to its 10 patents and its presence in many championships, BERINGER offers you the best of braking: aesthetics, precision, comfort, power and control.

    Our range covers all models of motorcycles, from all brands from 1970 to our days.

    The multiple possibilities of customization of our products will give you a unique style to your bike !

    And if your project is special, our passionate team will advise you.

    The factory in saint-jean
  • Meet the automaker requirements

    BERINGER® is well known in the racing world of motorcycle, automobile or quad. Some of the most prestigious car brands ask for our expertise in the design, development and production of complete braking systems.

  • 30 years experience in performance

    1985 :
    Creation of the company in Châtelneuf and development of a range of wheels and forks arms adapted to side cars.

    1987 :
     Importation of Dutch side-cars EZS

    Transformation into a SARL and complete fabrication of its own side-cars on several motorbikes: GUZZI, DUCATI, YAMAHA, HONDA, BMW and TRIUMPH.

    From 1986 to 1992 :
    Involvement in Side-cars Rally with two titles of France Champion in 1990 (Jean Michel MEURET and Patrick CHUTAUX) and 1991 (Véronique and Gilbert BERINGER)
    1990 :
     Facing the monopoly of Brembo(Italy) in the global market of motorcycles braking systems, of stock replacement and competition, BERINGER started to make cast iron discs.
    Testing and tuning were conducted in collaboration with the CETIM of Saint-Etienne. 

    1993 :
     sale of the sidecars activity to focus on the technical and commercial development of braking systems.
    The braking discs are now declined for most bikes with a range of brake calipers. 

    1997 :
     Development of a study branch and of prototypes of discs for all the vehicles (eg cycles, mopeds, high end and competition automobiles...). 

    1999 :
     Transformation into a SA with a capital of 250 000F.
    Study and manufacturing of calipers for the Formula 1 in collaboration with Carbone Industrie.
    2001 :
     Agreements with the company Chambon SA for the development and marketing of a range of high-end and competition automobile calipers.
    2002 :
     Study of a range of wheels and brakes for aviation. In 2005, a distribution agreement was signed with LANGE FLUGZEUGBAU, German manufacturer of electric gliders for distributing wheels / brakes in Germany.
    2005 :
     Study a range of brakes and mountain bike trial with the manufacturer of trial bike KOXX.
    Study a range of braking systems for QUAD.
    July 1st, 2009 :
    Sell of a part of society and separation of Aero and Ground activities.
    Spring 2010 :
     Moving to a new factory of 1500m ², against 250 previously, in Saint Jean d'Ardières (Rhône).
    Summer 2010 :
     Acquisition of a laser marking.
    Winter 2010 :
     Establishment of machining from cast iron aluminum 
    September 2011 :
     Sale of the COBAPRESS ™ range.
    Spring 2013 :
     Implementation of the anodizing part.

  • BERINGER make Quality

    BERINGER ® control perfectly the quality to ensure full security for users of its brakes. Various quality certifications can attest: ISO 9001, UTAC, TÜV
    For BERINGER ® there is no difference between the parts to the general public and those for racing drivers. BERINGER ® brakes are designed to withstand the rigors of competition. Therefore, you get technological advances constantly applied to the products you purchase.

  • Always one step ahead

    BERINGER ® is also the engineering of any braking system. BERINGER ® company has always invested heavily in innovation: more than 10% of its turnover is spent each year in R & D department with more than 10 worldwide patents
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